Glossary of Terms (Bikini Speak)

Beachcomber = A beachcomber is someone who “combs” (or searches) the beach     (markets), and the inter-tidal zone in general, looking for things of value, interest or utility

Bikini Atoll = A chart pattern that can be a top, bottom, or continuation formation similar to Head and Shoulders (HS) pattern, can be a complex Atoll

Bikini Bands = Standard deviation trading bands derived from the work of John Bollinger generally used with multiple moving average periods

Bikini Bottom = A bottom formation in a chart, can be a double bottom or a V bottom, works in all time frames

Bikini Bridge = A narrow consolidation pattern that gives a peek at possible price movement

Bikini Flail = A large double top formation, long-term (weekly+) not usually seen on daily charts, bearish implications

Bikini Gap = A gap in a chart, also known as a window in candle charts

Bikini Lagoon = Basing bottom pattern where a stock looks like death and holders have given up, but the stock is full of life

Bikini-Line = A trend line of support or resistance

Bikini-Malfunction = A failed break-out

Bikini Poppin = Higher highs suggestive of a continued rally

Bikini Shot = Stock is overhyped and over owned, bullish sentiment suggests caution

Bikini Top = A top formation in a chart, generally a double top, works in all time frames

Bikini Wrap = A type of flag, pennant or wedge

Bikini Special = Chart of the day

Brazilian – all clear signal, a key bottom reversal where supply is exhausted

Farmer’s Tan = Rising prices with technical weakness

High Waist  = Out of favor security making a comeback

Mankini = A  really ugly chart, rarely seen, difficult to read,  better to stay away and not wear a position long or short

Maillot = A tight congestion area on charts or tightening of the Bikini Bands

Merkin = Nothing under all the fluff

Nude Beach =  New Issue or IPO that does not have enough trading history to chart

Pale = Contrary to assumptions this is a bullish condition, especially in Asian stocks, usually the beginning of a new bull market in a long dead stock

Sarong = A flag or pennant that moves beyond four weeks masking the directional forecast

Skirted Bottom = Large base, very bullish

Spring Break = The repetitive and predictive movement around a trendline in one year or less.  May be referred to as Bacchanalian in Bikini Speak

Stray Bird = A stock that is not a headline name or crowded trade

Sunburn  = A exhaustive top after a long rally suggesting extreme sentiment and lower prices ahead

Tanning Bed =  A situation where the street is pumping a crappy security – cancer in a box

Tanning Odour = Security shows technical weakness after baking in a tanning bed

Tanorexic = A thin unstable rally, likely manipulated up also known as a Fake and Bake

Trikini Top = A triple top


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