About Us

Bikini Analytics’ editors are former Stock Exchange Specialists, and Hedge Fund Managers.

We have worked on both the Buy and the Sell side of Wall Street as Analysts, Public Market Makers, Institutional Traders, Proprietary Traders, and as Fund Managers.

Bikini’s content includes two distinct bodies of work.  One is a top down macro and thematic big picture analysis that covers multiple asset classes including Commodities, Currencies ETF, Equity Index and Fixed income both foreign and domestic. This work can be found under the Beachcomber category.

The second body of work is top down US single stock trade oriented with some commodity, currency, ETF, and US Equity Index commentary.  Its focus is on S&P 500 and, NDX 100 stocks.  The work includes technical commentary, and trade setups the contributors are taking  in multiple time frames for position, swing and short-term trading. This work can be found under the Bikini Special, Bikini State and Trade Signals categories.

All of the contributors to Bikini Analytics are money managers who are trading what they are seeing and writing about.

In addition to our regular contributors we invite an occasional guest contributor whose work as a Fund Manager we know, follow and respect.

The great thing about a bikini is it hides nothing.  We are in the business of full transparency.

Our goal is make it fun, keep it simple, and reveal the real body of the markets that catch our eye.